NullPointerExceptions from cfcookie when migrating from Adobe ColdFusion 9 to 10

by kai 20/12/2013

A few months ago, one of my clients was testing a possible migration from Adobe ColdFusion 9 to Adobe ColdFusion 10. One of the issues they ran into was a NullPointerException when it came to their cookie use. Something simple such as <cfcookie name=”cfid” value=”574857485748543″> didn’t quite work and resulted in: “The system has attempted […]

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CFML differences between Railo and ColdFusion 9/10 (Part 2)

by kai 18/02/2013

Yeah, so much for “I’ll post part 2 tomorrow…“. Sorry guys, life and work got kind of in the way. Here’s part 2 now though 🙂 4. Date comparison If you use if constructs for string comparison in ColdFusion, the server will always check if a string on either side of your if-condition could potentially […]

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