When and why you should run when someone (including myself) recommends a certain set of JVM settings

by kai 30/12/2013

This is part two of a loosely connected series of blog posts dealing with JVM settings. Make sure you check out the first post titled “JVM memory settings for Railo (and Adobe ColdFusion) on Tomcat” before continuing to get an idea of the overall context of this series. Today’s post is about why generic recommendations […]

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Varnish HTTP Accelerator

by marcus 22/02/2008

A few days ago, I was searching for a reverse proxy that is capable of caching dynamic content for a specified period of time. Apache2 + mod_proxy / disk_cache seemed to be the perfect solution, but in fact it did not work properly in the scenario I set up (LAMP / Typo3). After googling around, […]

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