VMWare Fusion

Disabling CTRL+ALT+DEL to login in Win 2k3 server

by kai 29/01/2010

Args, this is one of those “note to myself” posts. Today I was looking (for the n-th time) for the local policy setting to switch of the necessity that a user has to press CTRL+ALT+DEL to login in a Win 2k3 server. It’s particularly annoying as I’m running one for development purposes in a VM and I’m forced to use the VMWare Fusion menu to simulate the key stroke.

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Virtualizing OS X 10.5 Client on OS X 10.5

by kai 06/12/2008

With VMWare Fusion 2, VMWare has built support for installing the OS X 10.5 server operating system into the product. For various (I suppose licensing) reasons, VMWare Fusion 2 doesn’t allow one to install OS X 10.5 client – the setup wizard of Fusion would just not allow it. The technical reason is basically that […]

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