Venus-Transit and Eclipse

by kai on 09/06/2004

Sadly I missed the Venus transit yesterday morning. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, have a look on (site is in English), they explain it well!

It’s not that I’m really in Astronomy, but I got astrophysics classes in high school (long, long ago đŸ™‚ which I really appreciated. So – that was the one and only chance to see a Venus transfer during my lifetime in Germany and even in whole Europe. But there will be another one in June 2012, which is not visible over here.

Same field, but a different observation: The total eclipse in August 1999. My (now) wife, some friends and myself went down to Saarbruecken near the French border to be in the “total zone”. Totally impressive, even the animals became totally quite for the total eclipse time.

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