Awesome news: Macromedia joins Eclipse Foundation

by kai on 06/06/2005

This is great: Macromedia announced to join the Eclipse foundation and to create a “next-generation rich Internet application development tool,” code-named Zorn, based on Eclipse.

The full story including comments and citation of Kevin Lynch is available on

As a first impression from my point of view: awesome news, this is the right move. Even if “Zorn” probably won’t be available as open source, it’s the right technological choice to rely on the Eclipse codebase, because it’s just a great IDE which proved to be stable and which proved to fit developers needs in terms of functionality and usability.

Jens June 6, 2005 at 12:00 am

MyEclipseEnterpriseWorkbench and other plugins aren’t OpenSource too and they are real great 😉 Thats not the point. I think it’s the right step und the time for Dreamweaver&Co for Coders was up – a long time ago!
So im really looking forward, what MM can do with eclipse and if the are able to make a better plugin than CFEclipse and to provide a real professional Tool for their Users? It could be a hard job 😉


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