Eclipse 3.0 final and it’s impact on MM-related plugins

by kai on 18/07/2004

End of June the Eclipse project released 3.0 final. This entry is about possible impacts on Macromedia-related plugins for Eclipse.

The first look is on CFEclipse: The team release a 1.1.14 release some days ago which seems to be perfectly compatible to the 3.0 release of the workbench. Related to that and recommended is to read the CFEclipse Resource Page. Lots of information about installation and usage of the plugin.

The people of the CSS plugin released a version 0.0.4 which works with Eclipse 3.0. Very similar to the JS plugin – but in that case, the CFEclipse resource page provides an updated version of the plugin (0.0.5) which you should use.

Regarding databases you should not use JFaceDBC anymore, go for SQLExplorer now, their version 2.2.2 is great with the final Eclipse build. SQLExplorer is a fork of the former JFaceDBC.

The OxygenXML plugin for XML and Flex also provides a new version. 4.2 is their recent build.

With checking for new versions of all my plugins yesterday, I found two more interesting plugins (via CFEclipse Resource Page):

Regular expression tester:

XPath tester:

I installed both of them, but didn’t test them a lot yet. Give them a try and provide some feedback ;)!

Claudius November 9, 2004 at 12:00 am

Peter Schreiber hat eine erste Version seines ActionScript Plugins bei Sourceforge ( kostenlos bereitgestellt und es erfreut sich großer Beliebtheit in den letzten Tagen. Stand heute: Platz 2 –

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