Ramping up my dev environment

by kai on 05/02/2007

I really rather not touch my development environment unless it’s really necessary. Yesterday it was necessary: the CFEclipse team has released CFEclipse 1.3 final (which I really, really, really recommend to each single CF developer – I can’t imagine going back to Homesite or even Dreamweaver), Adobe has released Flex Builder 2.0.1 earlier this year (and one of my customers needed to have some stuff fixed for particular this release) I wanted to get the latest release of the Eclipse Web Tool Platform anyway, as I use it pretty heavily for XML and web services. It was also some sort of annoying to have several installations of Eclipse (although I know that this is fairly common for others), because I had to run Eclipse 3.2 for my Java work (I’m a part-time university lecturer and teaching “Programming 2” this term – topics are stuff such as polymorphism, interfaces etc).

Well, what to say: I’ve done my base installation of Eclipse 3.2.1, installed WTP via the downloaded packages (I like to have the installation files around and try to avoid the automatic update mechanisms – but that’s just my personal taste). After that I’ve installed CFEclipse 1.3 (also via download) and finally the FB 2.0.1. plugin and the recent release of the CF tools for Flex Builder. Up to now, everything seems to work very, very smoothly.

As said above, CFEclipse 1.3 really rocks, the Flex plugin seems to be way faster in the overall handling and also while compiling. The variables view in the debug perspective has improved as well.

uidpoa June 16, 2007 at 12:00 am

I think that topic is veru interesting! Great job!

June 16, 2007 at 12:00 am

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