Breezo: ColdFusion Performance Tuning

by kai on 24/09/2004

The famous Agent M of Blog in Black 😉 (aka Marcus Raphelt) is going to host a Breeze talk on ColdFusion Application Performance Tuning on Oktober, 4th 2004. Start is at 4 p.m. German time, that should be 10 a.m. on Americas east coast, 7 a.m. west coast and something around midnight in Australia (sorry folks…)

The talk itself will be in a mix of German and English, depending on how many people of which language will be there, but ALL SLIDES will be in English and the non-German speaking crowd will have the opportunity to ask questions or leave comments via chat in English.

Topics will be:

– Techniques of researching CF applications for bottlenecks
– “Golden rules” of application tuning
– Life example: tuning a tiny application step-by-step

Admission is free, but you have to register yourself to get the invitation.

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