AgentM on ColdFusion performance guidelines

by kai on 04/07/2005

Tomorrow afternoon German time, there will be another Breezo of the msg-talks series. AgentM is going to present on “ColdFusion performance guidelines” and I guess it will be about how to avoid bottlenecks in apps, best practices in development your applications etc.

Registration is available and is very appreciated. Slides will be in English, the session itself will be held in English as soon as there is at least one non-German in the room 😉

The session is scheduld to start at 4 pm German summer time, as always worldtimeserver tells you what this would mean for people in different timezones

HKS July 5, 2005 at 12:00 am

It’s at 12am local time for me, so I doubt I’ll be watching live. I will take a look at the recording later, when it becomes available, though, so please speak english 🙂

PS. I hope the audio works this time. It is broken for the CFEclipse one.

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