4 CF/Flash/Flex articles online (in German)

by kai on 29/11/2004

I just found out that the Internet Professionell, a German print magazine, I used to publish in on several occasions, put some of my articles online. I wasn’t aware of this and just stumbled over them more or less accidentally.

They are all just available in German, sorry.

There are four of them:

Der Java-Faktor
This one is on how to leverage Java for your ColdFusion development. Example application is the image manipulation lib ImageJ, which I used to work with images in CF, called Java functions from CF, introduced CFCs to encapsulate the Java functionality etc.

Online-Quiz (together with Vera Fleischer, mediasparkles.com)
I wrote this one together with Vera and it’s on building a so called Rich Internet Application consisting of a CF backend and a Flash frontend which connects to CF via XML webservices. The example application is a “Who wants to be a millionaire”-like quiz game.

Topic: Advanced CFC development, dealing with CFCs as objects, explicit and implicit constructors, methods, putting CFCs in persisntent scopes etc. Example app is a shopping cart component, which is reusable in CF based online shops etc.

Adressen managen
The last one is on Flex and it’s a basic introduction into Flex development. The example app I built there is a tiny address management application, which allows you to store personal data via CFCs in a MySQL database starting and ending up with a Flex frontend. Topics covered are: data binding, drag&drop in Flex, models, UI components etc.

They sadly didn’t put the example files online with the articles, and I’m officially not allowed to put them online myself as the rights of the articles and stuff went over to them…

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