IBM to develop Laszlo Eclipse plugin

by kai on 30/11/2004


IBM is going to develop an Eclipse plugin for Laszlo Presentation Server. The plugin is available on IBM Alphaworks.

I’m really wondering about that as IBM intended to develop a Flex plugin for their WebSphere studio which had been stopped some while ago. Maybe the reason is that Laszlo went open-source, with IBM putting a lot of effort into supporting the open-source world, that might be a good move for them – and for LPS for sure.

Hmm, this commitment (or however you want to name it) gives the whole RIA/Flash/Flex/Laszlo thing a bit of a new drive as it could be expected that the LPS will find it’s place in the world of the rich clients – like Tomcat or JBoss also do in the J2EE appserver world.

And no, I don’t want to open up the whole discussion again. Both technologies follow similar approaches but Flex is a more mature and production-ready technology imho. I’d decided to use Flex as the preferred technology and just the existence of a plugin for Eclipse is not going to change this.

BTW: If you wanna go for Flex development with Eclipse – have a look on the Oxygen plugin. It should fullfill most people’s needs.

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