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by kai on 10/11/2004

It’s interesting… after Stevens “word is out” posting on richinternetapps.com, I looked around a bit to get an impression about the Flex “scene” in Germany. And guess what: It’s still quite but there are some things changing and moving slightly. Following myself, I’m much more motivated with Flex 1.5 now – not that Flex 1.0 sucked or so, but, well, it was a 1.0 release and you never know what’s going to happen with it etc. But with 1.5 Macromedia did a huge step in the right direction now.

But – to return to the topic. Flex seems to make its way through the academic world in Germany. My own masters thesis on the architecture of Flash-based rich internet clients was the first one I personally know about in Germany dealing with Flash and Flex on such a level. Now I learned about two more.

There is one guy at the University of Osnabrueck actually writing his bachelor thesis on Flex and how to leverage it to build rich internet applications. As far as I see there, he’s building an online strategy game with Flex, which is probably not the type of apps Macromedia expects to see but I’m very keen to have a look on how that one will work.

The other one is about the integration of OpenGroupware with a Flex frontend, which also sounds interesting. I’ll post more about both of them as soon as I got more information.

Steven Webster November 10, 2004 at 12:00 am

Hey Kai …. while Ali and I were writing the book, I was asked by a guy at one of the German universities if I would mentor him in his doctorate, which was around the subject of architectures for Rich Internet Applications; perhaps it’s the same guy, if not, I can try and find the old emails somewhere…

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