Accolade for Flex: SAP embeds Flex into NetWeaver

by kai on 26/04/2005

Wow, this might become huge: SAP just announced that they will embed Macromedias Flex into their NetWeaver technology, in particular into NetWeaver Visual Composor as a first step.

SAP developers will be able to deliver applications using the Flex technology within NetWeaver as they were able to do this with DHTML and Java by now already.

Additionally – and this is very interesting: Macromedia has certified SAP NetWeaver as an officially supported platform for Flex – which makes a lot of sense.

By all means and still regarding the fact that this is just an announcement – this will become quite interesting. With this commitment Flex received some sort of accolade from SAP. I don’t expect all the SAP people to jump on the Flex train – surely not (althought some sales people try to suggest that) – but it offers a lot of new opportunities for Flex in enterprise environments.

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