MAX 2004: Tuesday General session

by kai on 02/11/2004

The general session was very entertaining. Macromedias Chief Operating Officer S.Elop opened the keynote with some facts and visions and ended with a brilliant “movie” about the US presidential election today. The audience was allowed to vote via SMS (powered by ColdFusion blackstones event gateway) and elected Kerry to become the new president (54 vs. 40something).

Kevin Lynch followed with showing a lot of examples apps in the fields of Rich Internet Applications and how that field has developed over the last years. Nice: he presented the Vodafone “Handyfinder” (cell phone selection tool), which has been built by the company I work for.

Additionally we saw some exciting demos of CF Blackstone (delivered by the famous Tim Buntel and Ben Forta – who else ;-), Flex 1.5 and …WOW…the Flash Player 8 release with codename Mealstrom. And guys – this was incredible. I saw apps and movies running in brilliant quality totally smooth, without getting the player to slow down etc. Expect FP 8 to be the killer app in terms of Rich Internet Development – and we don’t just talk about animation – also rendering of UI Components… again…WOW… 😉

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