MAX 2004: My Tuesday afternoon

by kai on 03/11/2004

Continuing the MAX 2004 semi-live report 😉

We went to lunch with some people of Macromedia which leaded to have me missing my hands-on session on Flex and Central cause we talked to much with the guys. No, I won’t tell about the topics and with whom we met 😉

During the late afternoon I went to Steven Websters session on Architecting Rich Internet Applications. Holly shit, this was the best session I ever went to during a Macromedia conference. Packed full with knowledge and information about software architectures, design patterns and how to use the stuff for archtecting Flex applications. Usually one could expect that type of session on a J2EE developers conference and not on a Macromedia conference…;) Interesting how the focus changes step by step… Great work, Steven!

During the sponsor reception the User Group Management Team started the usual visibility event. This year all UG managers had to talk to other people on the reception, tell them about User Groups and leave them a voucher for joining the big reffle at the end of the night. Fun thing!

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