Installing Flex 1.5 on Suse Linux 9

by kai on 26/01/2005

I’ve got a linux box running at an ISP for my testing, lab and fun projects. After receiving the Flex non-commercial license several days ago I installed it over the weekend and – be surprised or not – it went quite smoothly. As I never installed it on Linux before, I’m very happy about that – the installation process on Windows servers always was boring easy 😉

There are two potential issues to mention. The first is, that Flex 1.5 complained on missing a particular .so.2-lib file which – really hasn’t been part of my installation by now as I run this box on the smallest Suse installation probably possible – if the terms “small” and “Suse” might be reasonable to use in one sentence together, which I just wonder about 😉

The .rpm-file you might need to install is called “compat” – in an appropriate version for your environment, this one contains the necessary libs.

That solved issue no 1, the other one was that several Flex apps – for example the Flexstore – didn’t start up properly. This was an easy one, as it’s described in the manual already and there’s even a technote on it. The reason was the setting of headless-server in flex-config.xml. A headless server is a machine without a monitor, proper SXWXGA+++++ 😉 graphics cards, without the X environment etc. Setting headless-server to true sets a property in the underlying J2EE engine (in fact it’s an AWT property) and this one switches your Flex installation into a mode appropriate for the machine.

More information on headless-server is available on:
Livedocs Flex 1.5

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