A quick impression of MX Kollektion 3

by kai on 01/07/2005

As most of you might know: I don’t like Dreamweaver. Well, this is the polite version 😉 Honestly, I don’t think Dreamweaver is a good coding tool – which is the reason why I’m still on Homesite+ and prefer CFEclipse more and more.

MX Kollection 3 is a pack of extensions for Dreamweaver and was just recently published by Interakt, who also developed the CFMX 7 Dreamweaver extensions shipped with the application server. I know their product for quite a while played with it a bit.

The new version 3 of their tools seem to be very good and as I’m still far away from converting to Dreamweaver I’d say that MX Kollektion makes Dreamweaver a way better product. They included a bunch of nice wizards to create all-day tasks like data edit/update pages, record browsing etc.

The thing is: it makes you really fast. I mean, if you just need to develop a “standard” app with a lot of data management, you’d probably be able to do it in a few hours with their extension – and this is cool – I barely believed it as I played with the new version.

So: MX Kollection 3 is definately worth a closer look if you’re using Dreamweaver for your CF development.

PS: Special notice to Alexandru – I’ll never convert to using DW – no way 😉 Though…large amounts of Romanian beer might help 😉

codename beefy July 1, 2005 at 12:00 am

hehe, the romanian connection – give ’em a wuff from me 🙂

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