ColdFusion VM Abort

by kai on 02/07/2005

Just recently I got to see this from one of my support customers:

Heap at VM Abort: 
 PSYoungGen      total 94144K, used 6649K [0x44950000, 0x4bb10000, 0x4bb10000) 
  eden space 71808K, 0% used [0x44950000,0x449a8810,0x48f70000) 
  from space 22336K, 28% used [0x4a540000,0x4ab65ed0,0x4bb10000) 
  to   space 22336K, 0% used [0x48f70000,0x48f70000,0x4a540000) 
 PSOldGen        total 932096K, used 382333K [0x4bb10000, 0x84950000, 0x84950000) 
  object space 932096K, 41% used [0x4bb10000,0x6306f7e8,0x84950000) 
 PSPermGen       total 31488K, used 31117K [0x84950000, 0x86810000, 0x94950000) 
  object space 31488K, 98% used [0x84950000,0x867b3768,0x86810000) 
Local Time = Thu Jun 30 17:05:25 2005 
Elapsed Time = 3666 
# HotSpot Virtual Machine Error : 11 
# Error ID : 4F530E43505002EF 
# Please report this error at 
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (1.4.2_07-b05 mixed mode) 
 space 71808K, 1% used space 22336K, 28% used space 22336K, 0% used space 932096K, 41% used space 31488K, 98% used# An error rep
ort file has been saved as hs_err_pid18175.log. 
# Please refer to the file for further information. 

It showed up in the cfserver.log and I was wondering what it could be about. A quick chat with Tom Jordahl from the CF team here at CFUNITED pointed me in the right direction. The machine seemed to ran out of memory for the PermGen in the JVM (permanent generation). A typical issue related with that in CF is if you set your CF server to an extremly high value for “Cached Templates”. Doing this, a lot of permanent JVM memory is reserved for the objects CF is creating during compilation and runtime of templates.

In this particular case, the setting was 10000. We decreased it now to a more reasonable value and monitor how it works for them. Another option is to increase the JVM memory area for the PermGen so that you don’t run out of memory with it.

Satya October 17, 2005 at 12:00 am

I am using SunFire 880 server getting this error :

How can i fix this issue

Heap at VM Abort:
PSYoungGen total 1326016K, used 1094816K [0x2a000000, 0x8a000000, 0x8a000000)
eden space 1079168K, 100% used [0x2a000000,0x6bde0000,0x6bde0000)
from space 246848K, 6% used [0x7aef0000,0x7be38338,0x8a000000)
to space 246848K, 0% used [0x6bde0000,0x6be23d60,0x7aef0000)
PSOldGen total 1572864K, used 247664K [0x8a000000, 0xea000000, 0xea000000)
object space 1572864K, 15% used [0x8a000000,0x991dc288,0xea000000)
PSPermGen total 262144K, used 67754K [0xea000000, 0xfa000000, 0xfa000000)
object space 262144K, 25% used [0xea000000,0xee22a9d0,0xfa000000)

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