I’m a Macromedia Master Instructor

by kai on 12/10/2005

I haven’t been blogging for a while, sorry for that. The reason is basically that there are a lot of things happening in my life right now, that keep me really busy. I’m going to write about that in depth pretty soon – so keep reading 😉

Nevertheless, there’s one thing I’d like to post about. Some while ago, I started the process of acquiring the CTT+ certification (Certified Technical Trainer by CompTIA). To make the story short, I passed it and with that I’m a Macromedia Certified Partner Master Instructor now. This is pretty nice, as I’m able to mentor Macromedia Certified Instructors now, help them getting prepared for the exams and take the exams / stand up certifications for the MATP I’m working with. Additionally, I don’t have to attend stand up certifications myself anymore to get certified for a new class or curriculum. Cool thing 😉

Sean Corfield October 12, 2005 at 12:00 am


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