MAX 2005 coverage: Frameworks for Flex

by kai on 17/10/2005

The conference has started. The big improvement over last years conference is that wifi seems to work smoothly in the session rooms 😉

I’m sitting in a talk called “Frameworks for Flex”, held by Steven and Allistair of Macromedia Consulting EMEA, the former iteration two until the got acquired by MM quite recently.

Steven was pointing out that the term “framework” was totally overused. There were differences between application frameworks and architecture frameworks. A good news is that there will be a Cairngorm release 1.0 later this year and that Cairngorm 2.0 will be shipped with Flex 2.0.

Some interesting facts and key phrases about Cairngorm

* Keeping state on the client
– Once on the client, data should have a meaning (VOs, DTOs)
– The model is data that persists on the client (ModelLocator)

* Architecting the view
– Cairngorm does not prescribe the view
– Create components with a meaning
– Communicate between components with meaningful events
– View uses ModelLocator for dynamic data (view components fetch VOs from ModelLocator)
– Use data binding for model-view notification

* Feature-driven development
– Majority of use-cases are initiated by user-gesture or system-event
– Turn them into “events”
– For each event have a worker responsible for carrying out the command (command classes implement a feature)
– Workers work best with a front controller

* Server-side integration
– RIA developers shouldn’t care about the type of service (Service Locator)
– Provide a proxy or stub to services for RIA clients

Steven and Ali showed the Cairngorm store, which is the demo application of the framwork and explained way lot of approaches and patterns using the code of this application. Great session guys!

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