MAX 2005 coverage: sneak peaks

by kai on 19/10/2005

This is always one of the best sessions of the whole conference. Developers, engineers and people from behind the curtain show products and ideas from the MM labs…

The sneak peak session was held in a pretty Aussie style. Opened by our host, “the cousin of Steve Erwin” – Paul the code hunter – all is about hunting crocodiles and snakes 😉


– Scenario simulation wizard for e-Learning
– Super-easy to create and manages branches in the e-Learning application
– Integration with Fireworks and Flash


– Integration with QuickTest Pro – Recording for UI testing
– Collaboration, co-browsing

Flex and Mapping:

– ESRI, amazing demo of vector based mapping web services embedded into Flex
– searchable by phone #, addresses, IP-adresses, upload of excel sheets etc.


– Mapping and collaboration demo, a virtual travel from Australia to Anaheim 😉


– CFEclipse and Flex Builder
– RDS support in CFEclipse – database viewer, filesystem viewer
– visual query builder for CFEclipse
– Event gateway – Flash Media Server 2 via FMS gateway
– HTML form pushes data into FMS shared objects

Flex Builder 2:

– Design view renders styles
– Container hierachy via hotkey
– Code view translates MXML files to AS code
– Open Type: navigator for classes in projects


– AJAX support in DW, ajaxDataSets, bindings etc.


– Publishing office documents
– Web 2.0 (Contribute Hunter) – Access blogs and wikis etc.


– Full-screened editor environment with tabs
– Effects, dynamic real-time imaging effects

Flash Authoring:

– Fish tank demo 150 modelled fish: 2.5 fps vs. 13-15 fps in AS 3
– Upate for customers of Flash Prof 8 or Studio 8 to AS 3.0 in spring 2006
– Code collapse in AS window


– Video support in Flash Lite 2.0 – awesome!
– Profiling support, heap size, frame rate
– Event simulation (incoming calls etc.)
– Event queue and recording

Brude October 21, 2005 at 12:00 am

I’m interested in more details about the ESRI mapping demo. Can you tell me what vector data they were using (street map only, topographical, relief, etc)? Do they plan on releasing to application to the public like ArcExplorer?

Any details would be appreciated,

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