Adobe: A new press and marketing agency in Europe

by kai on 08/01/2006

After the merger of Adobe and Macromedia, the new Adobe Central Europe seems to have sent the pink slip to Macromedia Central Europe’s press and communication/marketing agency Conosco. That’s pretty sad as Conosco did an extremely good job jointly with Stefan Prestele from Macromedia Central Europe.

Just the other day I’ve received the first two press releases via the new agency and – well I might be a bit biased – it felt pretty strange. Way more formal and boring, could have been from SAP, Oracle or somebody else. But as said, I might be as bit biased as I really liked the work of the old agency and maybe it just takes a while to get used to a new style.

stefanie from conosco January 12, 2006 at 12:00 am

thanks a lot for the high regard to our work for macromedia – nice to hear (-: But be sure, the new agency from adobe will be a good partner for you – we know the agency and they are doing a real good job. Adobe is a very different company compared with macromedia. So the changes in presswork ist not only dued to the new agancy but more to the merger. There will be a lot of new for all sides – give them a chance ((-:

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