Dell, Google and Web 3.0?

by kai on 09/01/2006

Via e-Commerce-Blog:

Some bloggers reported that alle the new Dell machines are going to be shipped with Google Desktop Search pre-installed and with a personalized version with the Google homepage preset as the browsers starting page. This personalized page looks pretty good and if offers a lot of Dell content.

Is this the web 3.0 ? Is Google to even increase it’s sphere of influence? No and yes, from my point of view this is miles away from web 3.0 but Google is for sure trying to get its feet into some more households. They’re doing cool things, agree, but machines with pre-installed GDS and so… I’m not sure if the average Dell computer buyer even knows what GDS is and does 🙂

For Google this is a pretty good thing – particularly in promoting their enterprise search services, which is for sure to find somewhere in the backend of this portal application.

cosmin January 10, 2006 at 12:00 am

Well the fact that for the pc checkup it says:

This application requires Internet Explorer 5 or above running on Microsoft Windows operating system. We apologize for any inconvenience. Additional configurations may be supported in the future based on demand.

suks even more 😛

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