CFDocument just showing binary dump

by kai on 17/01/2006

Got a strange issue today. I was running a page with a very simple CFDOCUMENT tag and had a typo in the tag – so ended up with a syntax error.
Fixed the error and I got the whole document as a binary dump within the browser window (IE), it didn’t make any difference if it was pdf or FlashPaper. But: worked fine in Firefox.

Very strange, I checked if the system was on CF 7.0.1, if all hotfixes were installed but all fine. Finally I’ve got the solution somewhere on the livedocs. Appearently exactly the behaviour is caused by some sort of IE bug. After closing all IE windows and running it again it worked fine…

Dave Carabetta January 17, 2006 at 12:00 am

Actually, you don’t need to shut IE itself. You just need to kill the Acrobat.exe process (via the Processes tab in the Task Manager) so that it re-initializes the next time you call a PDF. Essentially, a corrupt PDF messes us the Acrobat plugin. My company does a lot with PDFs, so I have way too much experience dealing with this!

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