Java/CF-workshop webDU: (request for) topics

by kai on 20/01/2006

The other day I’ve announced that I’m going to provide a 1/2-day workshop on CF-/Java integration during webDU 2006 jointly with my colleague Max Nyman.

Some people asked me what exactly the content of that session will be. Well, it’s not completely finalized, but to give you a rough idea:

1. Introduction into Java, the basic ideas of object-orientation and typed languages
2. Buzzwords and technologies: JSP,Servlets,J2EE,JMS,SOA etc.
3. Why is Java important for CF developers: the foundation of CF since MX 6.0
4. Integrating Java code into your CF application and why that might make a lot of sense (we’ll show you how to do it and we’re having a bunch of very good examples here)
5. Using existing Java libraries in CF (JSP taglibs etc)
6. Dealing with the J2EE layer of CF, what you should do and what you better never touched

I mean, one could spend days and weeks for just one of the topics, but we’ll have a look how to get that sorted. As this is going to be a workshop, it will be in a very relaxed atmosphere. If you registered for it and had some sort of particularly issue or topic you want to talk about, drop me a line. If you had some interesting experiences to share, drop me a line.

You know – this one won’t be a one-way-sucking-the-brain-out session ;), I’d love to have an active and open sharing of experiences among all the participants.

So folks, go ahead and register for it.

barry.b January 23, 2006 at 12:00 am

thanx Kai for “spilling the beans”… I was going to go to this session but now I’ll think I’ll skip it…just a bit too introductory/basic…

…eg: what about classloaders? something a bit more “meaty” perhaps?

eh, just my 2c worth, nothing more…

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