No Flash Lite 2 for UIQ

by kai on 26/01/2006

I’ve just been into an Adobe Breeze seminar on Flash Lite 2.0. It was pretty interesting in terms of the embracement of new technologies like video and sound playback, but to be honest – I don’t think it is going to become the major breakthrough I’ve expected.

Another flaw is the limitation in terms of platforms. Right now there is a developer beta version on Macromedia Labs which is available for s60 phones. The presenter of the seminar stated pretty clearly that for example there won’t be any support for Symbian UIQ from Adobe. That pretty much sucks, because you’ve got way the best set of features on those devices (as a pen support, a huge screen etc.). UIQ developers better stay with J2ME obviously.

Update: it was made clear explicitly that it’s not about a technical issue – just about Adobe’s internal resources, so that if a vendor like SE or Motorola came along and wanted a port to UIQ they’d do it. Well, doesn’t make me happy…

Additionally there won’t be support for Nokia 6600, because due to the fact that it’s running an older version of s60, it won’t work with FL 2.0 (well, that at least makes sense somehow…)

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