SE P910i-Outlook timezone issue…

by kai on 16/01/2006

This was nearly killing me, aargs. When I got down here to New Zealand I changed the timezone of my laptop computer at home to the local time and changed the timezone of my P910i as well.

Well, what happend was that all of my old calendar entries in Outlook on the PC were shifted by basically 12 hours, but that should be expected. I entered all sorts of new appointments in my calendar and somehow obviously they showed up correctly. But the other day I recognized that they didn’t show up correctly in my cellphone after synchronization and that drove me nuts.

Finally I found that entry in the forum archives of And this guy got the solution which worked for me…

Martin Hadek March 10, 2006 at 12:00 am

I had been struggling with the timezone issue and here is the script/solution that works for me. Needless to say the people at SE who designed this synching nightmare should get their a***s kicked in the very least:

1. First do a regular last synch in the old timezone
2. Disconnect P910i from PC
2. On P910i in SMan do Fn->Utilities->Fix synch timezone
3. Change P910i timezone to new
4. Change PC/Outlook to new timezone (to be the same as on P910i)
5. Re-connect P910i to PC
6. Go to Synch Station Settings->Full synchronization tab
7. Check Force full synchronization
8. Check Keep all items in computer and overrride items in phone
9. Click OK, and go Synchronize
10. Pray there are no duplicates and nothing gets lost and this whole nonsense takes less than 1 hour

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