webDU day 1 keynote

by kai on 02/03/2006

Another great piece of animation done by Nectarine opened the day 1 keynote of webDU. Those guys are just hilarious and the clip is to be continued tomorrow morning.

In terms of content Mike Chambers talked about the so called engagement platform with basically describes the way how the Adobe Reader and the Macromedia FP will evolve and what to expect for the next years. Mike talked about the penetration of the Flash Player and that the penetration of FP 8 worked out way faster as the penetration process of earlier versions.

An interesting point was that for Adobe/MM the 80% level is the most important one as this border seems to be the magic number in terms of getting out of trouble 🙂

Bill Perry talked a bit about Flash on mobile devices – which still seems to be interesting. But as long as we don’t have a huge penetration of the Flash Lite Player on handsets, it’s just a nice toys from my point of view. And we’ve seen another beta of the product with the probably longest beta cycle in the history of Macromedia (Flash Cast) 🙂 If guess I’ve first seen it flying around in 2003 🙂

Now Mike again and taking on FP 8.5, AS 3 and the new virtual machine. He’s stressing that the Flex 2 SDK will be free and on the new licensing model. Sweet!

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