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by kai on 16/06/2006

ZeroOne is hosting a series of community talks via Breeze for developers, interested users with technological knowledge or just anybody interested in Adobe technology.

We’re doing this jointly with Adobe Pacific, they’ve provided us with the necessary Breeze 5 environment and their event management and registration system.

The talks will be provided by various members of the ZeroOne staff (including myself) and will cover a bunch of interstering topics from CF architectures to Flex 2.0, Flash Video or transitions in Flex 2 and Flash. We offer some interesting stuff on Java and CF as well, provided by Max “How-to-deconstruct-CFCs-in-10-minutes” Nyman.

The talks will be held fortnightly at noon Wednesdays, New Zealand time. This will allow Australia to tune in early in the mornings and it will allow the US West Coast folks to follow the talks late afternoon.

If you want to know when it takes place in your timezone, visit and use their meeting planner! We will record the meetings and make the URLs public afterwards.

First session:

Wednesday, 28th June 06, 12 pm NZ time

“Architecting ColdFusion applications – a framework overview”

Hope to see you there (register for the event HERE) and feel free to spread the word!

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