Breeze community talk: Flex 2 and CF

by kai on 11/07/2006

ZeroOne is going to deliver the second event in the series of Breeze community talks tomorrow.

Wednesday 12th July 06 at 12pm (NZ)

Flex 2.0 and Cold Fusion

Agenda: Flex 2.0 and Cold Fusion do well together. This talk provides information on how to set up the connections between both technologies and how to get your data from the client application to the server and vice versa.

Speaker: David Keutgens and Kai Koenig

We will show some slides but a lot of Flex and CF code to demonstrate how to use both products together in a very efficient way to create maintainable and well structured code. There will be some information on Cairngorm 2 and how to use it with CF too! It’s def. worth tuning in, registration here.

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