Adobe Digitals Edition (beta)

by kai on 25/10/2006

Adobe released a pretty cool new product on Labs: Adobe Digitals Edition (beta). Pretty bluntly said: It’s an ebook reader – but it’s an ebook reader on steroids as it manages your ebooks, as it has a small footprint (2.5 mb download) and as it is a Rich Internet Application running in the Flash Player resp. as an add-in to the Flash Player 9 (I assume this is done similar to how the Breeze Presenter Plugin works for Breeze).

Now we finally see the first results of the marriage, ehh… merger (damn it, I shouldn’t have called it “merger” ;), ehh acquisition of Adobe and Macromedia. Finally parts of the Adobe platform hook up with the Flash platform and that’s rather cool.

I’ve just downloaded it and I’m in the process of downloading and installing the first ebooks. I’m an ebook fanatic anyway, so this is going to be the perfect toy for me. If you want to know more, have a look at the Digital Editions FAQ or the Sample ebook library. I will report more after getting some hands-on reading and “ebooking” experience with it.

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