Flash Platform Code Camp Wellington 2010

by kai on 01/05/2010

We’re doing it again – Flash Platform Code Camp Wellington is back:

Flash Platform Code Camp Wellington – the 2010 Edition!
Mark the date: Saturday, 4th of September 2010

Venue: Natcoll Design Technology in Wellington’s CBD

This is a community event from and for Developers and Designers and organised by the Flash Platform User Group New Zealand with lots of support from the Creative Suite User Group Wellington.

We’re moving into a new venue that allows us to cater for more attendees and we’re going to have 2 parallel tracks this year! You haven’t been at Flash Platform Code Camp 2009? Have a look at the agenda and presentations from last year to get started!

Come along and learn about Adobe’s Flash Platform and creative tools for building Rich Internet Applications: Flash, Flex, AIR, Flash Catalyst, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash Builder, BlazeDS, LiveCycle DS, LiveCycle Designer and lots more. This is also a place to meet and greet, share cool stuff, try out new technologies and code together with other like-minded people.

Registration opens soon…

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