Map24 for AU and NZ

by kai on 26/07/2007

Map24 used to be the leader of the pack when it came to online mapping technologies and routing when I was living back in Germany. Today I found (pretty much by accident) that they have a new Developer Network and an AJAX API for their maps and that they’re also available pretty much world-wide. Their satellite images for NZ are not really usable for anything, haven’t tested routing yet.

Paul July 26, 2007 at 12:00 am

good news on first sight, but after clicking through the tutorials for 2 minutes I am already disappointed: JavaScript errors pup up in IE7 all the time and every tutorial seems to need the Java Applet for displaying maps…well, this is not what I call AJAX (=Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)…but maybe I am wrong on the Applet one.

Nice link anyway!


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