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by kai on 15/08/2007

Next week, Web On The Piste is on in Queenstown, New Zealand. Besides hopefully being on an interesting conference on Wed and Thu, we’re staying through to Saturday to talk to some potential new clients (eehh, along the slopes :).

Anyway – if you’re there, make sure not to miss my uber-cool sessions (somehow I’v ended up doing 2 and a half):

– Building Rich Experiences with Flex and Javascript (Wed 11:15-12:15) – I’ll talk about how the communication between Flex applications and HTML pages work, how to leverage the Flex-AJAX bridge etc.

– ColdFusion 8: Integrated Flex Data Services (Wed 4-5) – the title should rather be “Integrated LC Data Services” but that’s semantics 🙂 This session will be about way how to use the integrated LC Data Services in CF 8 and pretty much provide an introduction into the LC Data Services from the first place – I doubt many CF developers have a clue what it is about at this stage. Expect some fun and totally new concepts!

– ColdFusion 8: Microsoft Exchange and .NET Integration (Thu 2:30 – 3:30) – this is the half session (together with Ben Amor, who’s doing the .NET part of it while I’ll take care of the CF 8 end of things. Besides my common rants about how web services are NOT interoperable and the industry telling lies, expect some really useful approaches to make the communication between CF and .NET working better 🙂

So, if you’ve booked your ticket, stop by. If you haven’t booked yet – hurry up, might become tricky to get flights to Queenstown!

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