CFCs in CF 8 are REALLY fast

by kai on 15/10/2007

I’m working on a project which partly makes use of Mark Mandel’s Tranfer framework. As with most of the object-oriented frameworks, it makes a pretty heavy use of CFCs. Whereas this was working reasonably well with CF 7, I found that in a particular set of use cases, ORM processing could easily take 2-3 seconds.

Just for fun and the sake of giving it a try, I’ve put the same code in a CF 8 instance and even though it’s well-known that CF 8 is significantly faster when it comes to object creation, it was a mind-blowing experience (it’s always over and over again)…

Check out the CF 8 Performance Whitepaper along the way!

Mark Mandel October 16, 2007 at 12:00 am


If you use the SVN version of Transfer (soon to be released at 0.6.6), you will see even greater performance improvements under CF8, as there are several CF8 specific performance improvements in the repo!

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