For the fellows in AsiaPacific: Adobe developer eSeminars

by kai on 25/03/2008

I sincerely hope the word has spread that Adobe is currently running a huge series of online seminars (eSeminars) for designers, developers, photographers and also business folks. If not, please, please, please have a look at the overview, I’m sure you’d find those very interesting.

I’d like to point you to the developer series in particular as I’m going to be involved in two of the talks:

18/04 – Persistence in the Adobe AIR platform
09/05 – Working with the Flex/AJAX bridge

As I’m very aware of how developers tick, be assured that those sessions will be actually technical, i.e. you will def. learn a lot and I’ll show you a good bunch of examples and code!

All sessions take place at 2 pm Sydney time and are delivered via Bree…ehhh Connect šŸ™‚ That should be 4 pm NZ time and midday in Perth, but you never know about the Perth folks in regards of their daylight savings trial and so on… So, where ever you are, please use a site like to double check what 2 pm Sydney means for your local timezone.

Don’t miss out on the other talks of the series – some examples: Mark Mandel is talking about TransferORM, Modius is going to present on FarCry, Campbell “The Externaliser” Anderson is going to cover Flex 3 and Kay Smoljak will talk about ColdFusion 8 and what might you make loving it! And even more to see and listen to! Register! Now!

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