The monitoring service is not available

by marcus on 19/09/2008

If your CF8 installation starts without error, but returns an error 500 stating something like…

“500 the monitoring service is not available”

…on each request, then probably your neo-monitoring.xml is corrupt. This solution did the trick for me:

-Rename or delete the corrupt {cf_dir}/lib/neo-monitoring.xml
-Restart CF

CF then creates a new neo-monitoring.xml, but totally refuses to work if this file has 0 bytes.

Mark October 25, 2008 at 12:00 am

Hi, I cannot find a contact form.
I work with Akismet which I believe is in use here and I would like to discuss this if possible. Could you drop me an email at all please?
And it’s not a money issue 🙂

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