CF 8.0.1: Deleting a file after attaching it to an email

by kai on 13/11/2008

There’s a tiny, little new feature in CF 8 Updater 1 that I bet not many people even know about – I didn’t until yesterday. It came up during a discussion on cfaussie about attaching files to outgoing emails just the other day and it basically solves the problem of deleting a file after it having been sent as an email attachment.

Just add a remove=”true” attribute to your CFMAILPARAM tag used to attach the file and you’d be ready to go. Apparently the only spot to find it is in the release notes document for CF 8 Updater 1 :-).

This teaches me two lessons:

– Adobe needs to do a better job keeping documentation up to date
– I need to make sure to actually read the release notes of updaters or dot releases.

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