Hightlighted borders in LiveCycle Designer

by kai on 24/11/2008

I came across a slightly weird issue the other day when building forms in LiveCycle Designer. LC forms offer the nice and simple feature of being able to create form elements that render highlighted in Reader or Acrobat Pro when mandatory.

For whatever reason I had a few form elements in which the form element itself rendered highlighted but also the larger box comprising the element’s label:

wrong look and feel

That’s obviously not what one want. I couldn’t find how and where to change this using the object property panel (LC Designer’s toolbar/inspector layout is not quite great and user friendly) – so I digged through the XML of the form. In there, it’s splendidly easy to find and change. The XML structure would look similar to this:

XML form declaration

So – the field tag would contain a nested border-tag in both the ui element itself and in the field element. The latter one (therefore the second one in the XML snippet above) is the one you’d want to get rid of to avoid the double-highlighted-border-effect.

better look and feel

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