Unhandled exception in FormDesigner.exe – Excuse me?

by kai on 16/04/2010

This is just a heads-up / note to myself / note to everyone else on a weird issue I had today with LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2. I wanted to use an installation on a Win XP SP 2 VM (typical training or “I just need to quickly edit a form” setup for me). Said installation always worked fine and I never had any issues with it before. Firing it up today left me ending up with an “unhandled expection in FormDesigner.exe” and the option to debug the issue in VisualStudio. Muchas gracias, Windows.

Turns out that this particular VM had recently undergone some changes as I’m using it for ASP.NET MVC coding and have VisualStudio 2008 as well as SQL Server 2008 installed on it. Since I installed those a few weeks ago, I haven’t used LiveCycle Designer on that VM. And indeed – after digging around in some forums, I found that there is actually a tech note (LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2 conflicts with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 when installed on the same computer) on how to fix this issue in LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2. Some folks in forum threads reported that they copied files from a position some deep in the guts of Windows to another location somewhere else in the guts of Windows – not necessary. It turns out that there’s a bug in one of the shared libraries that come with SQL Server 2008 and that are used by LC Designer ES 8.2 as well.

Installing the fix did the trick and SQL Server 2008 still seems to work fine as well, yay!

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