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by kai on 14/07/2010

Today is pretty much your last chance to register for Flash Platform Camp Wellington on September 4th, 2010 AND go into the draw for a license of Flash Builder 4 Premium for the platform of your choice (OSX/Win). This promotion runs out tomorrow – 15th of July mid-day NZ Standard time.

You ask why we’re doing this? Early registration helps us to plan the event and to make calls on how much food and drinks we need, how much T-Shirts to order and much more. So, if you know you’re going to attend, let us know as early as possible please. Another reason to register rather sooner than later is that more than half of the tickets are already gone now – even though the event is another 8 weeks out, get your ticket now to avoid disappointment.

Why should you attend? Let’s have a glance over the agenda:

The keynote will be delivered by Tim Buntel – Group Product Manager for Developer tools at Atlassian (and product manager for Flex Builder and ColdFusion at Adobe in his former Northern Hemisphere life). Tim’s talk is titled “More than just a pretty .as” and is going to be great!

After the keynote we break down into two tracks and the sessions are going to cover a variety of topics, here’s are some of the sessions:


Campbell Anderson – Introducing the Orchid framework for Flash CS 5
Tanya Gray – Flex for Flash Developers – Why Flex is not scary and can make your life easier


Marielle Lange – Migrating a project from FB3 to FB4
Ross Phillips – CSS Selector Mash-up in Flex 4

Architecture and general development:

Robin Hilliard – MVC From First Principles
Lenz Gschwendtner – Why NoSQL, what it actually is and why also front end developers should know about it
Chris Velevitch – Introduction to Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS) with Mercurial

Multimedia and integration with the Flash Platform

Diane Sieger – Acrobat 9 Pro multimedia projects
Cameron Prebble – Flexing Rails: Connecting Flex to a Ruby on Rails Application
Mark Szulc – Adding real-time collaboration to your project with LC Collaboration Services

Again – make sure you register now – you don’t want to miss those awesome speakers and their sessions.

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