30 days of me – day 2

by kai on 10/09/2010

Today is about the meaning and the heritage of the name of this blog.

Back in 2003 Marcus (AgentM) and I were both working at msg at.NET – a Macromedia Solution Partner in Germany at that time. I was mainly doing CF and Java and Marcus was the resident Spectra guru (the whole Flex and AIR stuff was still in it’s early childhood days back then).

There was pretty much no one blogging about Macromedia technology and CF in Germany (and in German) so we found a niche. Going with “Marcus’ and Kai’s blog” wasn’t really an option so we put some thought into a theme – I liked and still like the Men in Black movies a lot so that going with “Blog in Black” actually seemed to work well. We switched to English a wee while later though.

The subtitle “Protecting the web from bad ColdFusion code” is obviously the more polite way of expressing “Protecting the earth from the scum of the universe”, even though a lot of the ColdFusion code from 3rd parties and other people Marcus and I had to wade through at the time probably felt more like the latter.

The most awesome little Flash faces for AgentK and AgentM got made by the Nectarine crew for us after I met them at MXDU 2003 for the first time and we became friends. Speaking of MXDU 2003 – first conference presentation in Australia (never missed speaking at MXDU/webDU since then) that triggered the whole “Let’s move to the southern hemisphere” thing” – but that’s a story for a different day.

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