cf.Objective(ANZ) 2010 is over – here comes webDU 2011

by kai on 21/11/2010

You might wonder and think: “Haven’t I seen another post about cf.O(ANZ) just a few minutes ago?”. Yes, you’re absolutely right. cf.Objective(ANZ) is still over and next next big thing for everyone involved with web and (but not only) the Adobe platform in Australia and New Zealand is webDU in Sydney. Geoff has just yesterday posted the dates (14 and 15 April 2011) and a call for papers.

As a lot of people know, webDU (formerly known as MXDU) is a very special conference for Diane and I (first AU trip ever in 2003, got married there in 2004, decided to move to the southern hemisphere in 2005 and many more reasons…) and we’re always again looking very forward to it. For me it’s an absolute no-brainer to attend because it’s an awesome conference and it’s pretty much like coming home to a big family  – I also need to make sure I’m staying part of the shrinking group of people who presented at every single MXDU and webDU since the first one in 2003 🙂 – I think we’re down to three people by now *g*.

This year’s event will have a focus on three big streams: Beyond HTML, Experience and Team. I think Geoff is doing exactly the right thing by moving webDU towards also covering rather “soft” topics such as Experience and Team. The good thing with those topics is that the tracks can easily comprise of both technical and non-technical talks which will create a very nice mix and will ensure that people with a variety of backgrounds get involved and interested. Yay webDU 2011.

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