Adobe Connect 8.2 cannot be installed directly on Windows Server 2008 R2

by kai on 27/12/2012

The latest available “full” installer for Adobe Connect 8 is for version 8.2 (which is also known as Adobe Connect 8 Service Pack 2).

According to the documentation (release notes and tech specs) the supported operating systems for licensed deployments are either Windows Server 2003 SP2 or Windows Server 2008 R2.

Unfortunately there’s an undocumented issue with the Adobe Connect 8.2 installer and Windows Server 2008 R2: It doesn’t work. The installer will actually start to run and at some point mid-installation fail with various obscure error messages in the installation log files.

The issue is known at Adobe’s end and their recommendation for Windows Server 2008 R2 users is to install Adobe Connect 8.1, then upgrade to 8.2 and after that apply all the appropriate post-8.2 patches.

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