Tmux plugin for IntelliJ

by kai 13/10/2012

This is really cool. Mark Mandel has recently started hacking on a very basic Tmux plugin for IntelliJ and it’s since then become a bit of our pet project for dabbling with IntellJ plugin development. No idea what Tmux is? It’s essentially a Terminal multiplexer. Extremely useful if you like working in a shell/terminal window […]

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Accessing .properties files within a Livecycle ES/ADEP DSC

by kai 12/08/2012

The other day Darren asked about how to access a properties file with some settings from within a Livecycle ES resp. ADEP DSC on the livecycle developers mailing list. I responded there, but I thought it’d be useful to post the solution here as well. Essentially a Livecycle/ADEP DSC is nothing else but a .jar […]

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Debugging Livecycle Data Services in Livecycle ES

by kai 10/08/2012

The other day I was spending some time with a client of mine who ran into an issue with a Flex Remoting endpoint in Livecycle/ADEP Essentially what happened was that within an object tree supposed to be sent from the Flex application to a Livecycle endpoint contained a lot of unexpected null references. Monitoring the […]

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Extending Adobe LiveCycle through custom DSCs – some resources

by kai 25/02/2012

Don’t worry – this is not going to be a lengthy, complicated, super-advanced tutorial. I thought about writing a post on Adobe LC DSCs for a while, but never got round to. Today, I got kind of pushed over the edge by seeing that my friend Duane and his partner Matt from Überity have published […]

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Adobe Connect and HTTP status codes

by kai 05/02/2012

One thing that annoys me quite a bit is how Adobe Connect handles HTTP status codes. Essentially it’s doing it in the wrong way (from my point of view at least), but let me explain. You might just know Adobe Connect from using Adobe’s hosted SaaS, but Adobe sells Adobe Connect as a so called […]

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Getting into Clojure (and other stuff)

by kai 07/01/2012

With the recent changes at Adobe I was more and more thinking that I need to further diversify what I’m doing. That was already happening in 2010 and 2011 quite a lot – client demand for Flash and Flex solutions decreased (and still is decreasing) and we found ourselves doing more and more Javascript-based applications. […]

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CFML update for IntelliJ IDEA 11

by kai 01/01/2012

The awesome people at Jetbrains (in particular Kirill is to be mentioned here) have made an BER (bleeding edge release) update of the CFML plugin in IntelliJ IDEA 11 available. In case you didn’t know – IntelliJ IDEA is an excellent IDE, quite heavily used by Java and Groovy developers. IntelliJ IDEA has a CFML […]

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ColdFusion Builder 2 Hot fix – be aware that you need a JRE

by kai 01/01/2012

This was sitting in my inbox for quite a while.  When the ColdFusion team released hot fix 1 for ColdFusion Builder 2, some people reported problems applying the hotfix ending up with an error message claiming that there was no Java Runtime Environment installed. At first glance, it might make you wonder because if you’re […]

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ColdFusion “null, null” errors – CFInterface another possible reason

by kai 24/12/2011

Just recently I was hunting a “null, null” error in a large ColdFusion application. It started occurring all of a sudden under decent load and it was unfortunately rather hard to reproduce. Some basics: If you’re getting a “null, null” error in ColdFusion (and yes, this still does occur in ColdFusion 8 and 9 occasionally, […]

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Some thoughts on Java, OS X, Eclipse and others

by kai 26/10/2010

Somewhere deeply hidden in the release notes of the recent Java for Mac OS X update, our friends from Apple have announced that they deprecated the Java runtime for Mac OS X and that “developers should not rely on the Apple-supplied Java runtime being present in future versions of Mac OS X”.

Read that as: Mac OS X 10.7 won’t have Java (by Apple), maybe we’re lucky and get the 10.6 update 3 thrown into OS X 10.7, but maybe not. To be fair – Apple was never a big and fast supporter of Java on OS X, for them to release Java 6 and 64-bit versions of the runtime was apparently a major drama so that a lot of Java developers on the Mac at some time just switched to SoyLatte, a FreeBSD port of Java 6. That worked and still works fine for a lot of server applications such as Tomcat.

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