Installing CF8 on Debian Etch

by marcus on 02/11/2007

Yesterday evening, I needed to set up a CF8 development environment in VMWare. Honestly – this was the first install (and believe me, I installed a LOT of CF servers in my career) that really worked like a charm – good work, Adobe!

If you ever set up a CF 5/6/7 server, you know about the common problems such as non-working apache connectors, Installers that refuse to execute and so on – all that just did not happen. Have a look at my bash_history…

System: Debian Etch netinstall, Installation type: Base system only

apt-get install ssh
apt-get install apache2
useradd coldfusion
ls -la
chmod +x Coldfusion-8-lin.bin
cp /opt/coldfusion8/bin/coldfusion /etc/init.d/
update-rc.d coldfusion defaults
/etc/init.d/coldfusion start

…and bingo, you end up with a working CF development environment.
The CF installer even managed to install the Apache connector automatically (that NEVER worked for me before).
If that isn’t easy… took me about 30 minutes, btw.

henry December 3, 2007 at 12:00 am

i installed cf8 and it work great but it’s pointing to port 8500, how can i point it to port 80 so it will use apache2 /var/www as the default location of all .cfm?

or i juse need to edit the apache2.conf?

Ethan Cane December 16, 2007 at 12:00 am

I was very happy to have come across this posting on a Saturday evening.

I am using Ubuntu (Dapper) Linux as my host system and have VMware Workstation installed for Windows, etc.

I installed a fresh Debian (etch) net install (base system only) and then setup a new user (coldfusion) and installed apache2.

I used SSH (scp) to copy across the ColdFusion 8 installer to my home directory and then proceeded to install without any errors. Great!

I chose not to have the installer configure the connector since I prefer to do this manually.

Absolutely no errors whatsoever. I now have a fully working ColdFusion 8 development server running on Debian in a VMware instance which I can archive and deploy wherever I choose.

Many thanks Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Please keep our planet safe!

Ethan Cane

David February 11, 2008 at 12:00 am

Thanks for that, it works just like a charm. Tried it in a Debian VM and there’s no problem at all. I would recommend a ‘ln -s /opt/coldfusion8/bin/coldfusion /etc/init.d’ instead of a ‘cp’, though.

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