Adobe Master Collection CS5 breaks Flash Builder 4 Premium and how to fix it

by kai 13/05/2010

Adobe’s Master Collection CS5 contains Flash Builder 4 (Standard edition). That’s actually awesome; it finally offers Flash CS5 users a way to use a professional and really well done Adobe tool to code applications and other rich media in ActionScript 3.

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OS X quick look for Flex

by kai 23/01/2010

A few days ago I posted about using qlcolorcode to display syntax highlighted ColdFusion code in Mac OS X’s Finder’s quick look. Now – I had a bit of a look into how to use/extend the same plugin for displaying Action Script and MXML code as well.

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OS X quick look for ColdFusion

by kai 19/01/2010

I recently had to quickly glance over a whole lot of legacy CF files and I didn’t want to have to open each individual file in my preferred IDE. OS X supports quick look by hitting the space bar in finder for a lot of file types, ColdFusion wasn’t supported so far.

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Accessing the console session on Windows Terminal Services from OS X

by kai 23/03/2009

This is a sort of note-for-myself post. Just today I needed to use Remote Desktop to jump onto a Windows 2003 Server of a client. Only problem – all the client licenses were blocked and I couldn’t get in. Out of office hours. Grrr. Solution: use the console session (session 0). By the way – […]

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Installing OS X on a Dell Mini 9

by kai 10/03/2009

People who follow me on Twitter might have noticed that I was eagerly awaiting the delivery of a black Dell Mini 9 during the last 2 weeks. Finally I got it the other day and right away converted it into an OS X machine – who wants Windows XP on such a beautiful little netbook […]

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Virtualizing OS X 10.5 Client on OS X 10.5

by kai 06/12/2008

With VMWare Fusion 2, VMWare has built support for installing the OS X 10.5 server operating system into the product. For various (I suppose licensing) reasons, VMWare Fusion 2 doesn’t allow one to install OS X 10.5 client – the setup wizard of Fusion would just not allow it. The technical reason is basically that […]

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Setting up preview for texlipse on OSX

by kai 15/11/2008

And now for something completely different. When I’m doing writing, I usually try to use LaTeX whenever possible. If you have no idea what I’m talking about – have a look at the Wikipedia entry for LaTeX to get an overview. The 30,000 feet picture is that it’s a way to produce the most beautiful […]

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SoyLatte 1.0 – Java 6 for OSX

by kai 06/12/2007

As Landon Fuller has blogged yesterday, SoyLatte 1.0 has been released. SoyLatte is a project to port BSD Java 6 for Mac OSX 10.4 and 10.5 . Why this is interesting? Apple doesn’t seem willing or capable of releasing Java 6 for OSX themselves and it’s really annoying that I have to boot up my […]

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Leopard and the broken FileReference in Flash Player

by kai 02/11/2007

With the update to Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), a lot of people reported issues with using the FileReference in the FlashPlayer (i.e. uploading/downloading files). Emmy Huang, who’s Product Manager for the FlashPlayer, has just posted that the “Moviestar” beta update for Mac that’s on Adobe Labs has been bumped up to version and that […]

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