MAX 2004 and election

by kai on 15/09/2004

The upcoming election day for the US presidential election on November, 2 is day 1 of MAX 2004 and it’s nice to see that the Macromedia world is jumping on it step by step.

I’m really excited to be in the US during the election and to feel all expectations and emotions of winners and losers directly. Don’t get me wrong. Like others I also don’t want to create a political discussion here, I also won’t tell you who I personally want to become the winner. But just look around a bit… and please: vote – nothing is worse than not to use your right to vote in a democracy!

Macromedias list of how to get an absentee ballot

Ben Forta commenting on the Election

Ray Camden is providing an Election poll in his blog

Vera September 16, 2004 at 12:00 am

I’m hoping to be a U.S. citizen by then so I can VOTE! The process is underway.

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