by kai on 06/10/2004

Laszlo systems announced that their rich internet server LPS is going to be open source from now on. As they announced it on October, 4th, it’s interesting to notice how things might be connected with the non-commercial license of Flex. A lot of people blogged about this over the last two days already, so I don’t want to dig into details.

Let me just note that – not concerning Laszlos motivation now – LPS is a good piece of software to build rich internet apps. The fact that it’s open source now makes it interesting for a lot of projects/customers who fear to buy/use a software from one of the big vendors like Microsoft, IBM, Macromedia etc. From my point of view it will be interesting to watch Laszlo over the next weeks and months and see if they could make a success story in the open source community with LPS.

Nevertheless and also not concerning any motivation, Macromedia finally went the right way with their non-commercial license. Just over yesterdays afternoon I received a lot of emails in several lists/newsgroups from people being very happy that they have an opportunity to play with Flex in production environments now for fun. I’d love to see Macromedia adopting this a for ColdFusion, that should give it an enourmous boost in Europe.

steve October 6, 2004 at 12:00 am

guess macromedia has a little problem now…

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