Breaking news: Railo to open source… Railo!!!!

by kai on 05/06/2008

In about 5 minutes, the Swiss company Railo is going to announce the open-sourcing of their alternative ColdFusion/CFML engine Railo.

Hang on, one might think – didn’t we have that just a few months ago with Open BlueDragon? Sort of, but this time the impact of the anouncement might be significantly different.

The reason is, that Railo is going to open source their engine together with the very well know product J2EE product JBoss and Railo will be hosted at

The open source version of Railo will be available under LGPL and therefore CFML as a language will get a much larger exposure to other communities and new developers.

Also, JBoss is going to support ongoing Railo development efforts and hooks into the JBoss infrastructure, such as JBoss Cache and others. Railo 3 beta (released today) will move to later this year (I’ve heard people talking about an October timeframe) and then end up being the first open source release named Railo 3.1

I’m really happy about that move, as Railo is a good product (better than BD if you ask me) and competition is good for CFML as a language and ColdFusion as a product.

More later! Stay tuned!

polly mac June 5, 2008 at 12:00 am

Yep, Gert announced this at Scotch on the Rocks to rapturous applause.

Railo on JBoss 🙂

And yes, October timeframe.

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